Sakura Garden Japanese Steak House
800 Evergreen Way
South Windsor, CT 12345
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Sushi Bar Appetizers

White fish, crab meat and cream cheese placed on a jalapeno shell and lightly fried; finished with wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and house blended sriracha sauce.
8.75   Filet Mignon Carpaccio
Thinly sliced filet mignon seared and served carpaccio-style in a spicy soy garlic sauce, topped with scallions.
Tuna Salmon Fusion 
Spicy tuna wrapped in fresh salmon topped with tempura crunch, masago and spiced with a wasabi mayo dipping sauce.
8.75   Peppered Mango Wrap
Mango and avocado wrapped inside slices of peppered tuna finished with fresh scallion and spicy yuzu sauce.
Sweet Potato Cakes
Crispy sweet potato tempura pieces topped with spicy mayo and a mixture of spicy crab, seaweed salad and tobiko on top.
9.25   Sashimi Jalapeno
Jalapeno peppers over two pieces each of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, finished with avocado and wasabi mayo.
Spicy Tuna Bomb
Spicy tuna wrap with avocado, tempura fried into a ball shape, surrounded by ohba tempura, served with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

Kimchi Tuna

Diced tuna, avocado mixed with kimchi cabbage and kimchi sauce.

Fresh salmon, mango, cucumber and avocado mixed with our house miso mango sauce; perfectly layered on top of a wheel of cucumbers and finished with crunch and tobiko.