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Hot Ozeki ~ Cold Ozeki

Small 6.50           Large 8.50

Blueberry ~ Raspberry Hibiscus

Small 6.95        Large 8.95


Hana Awaka Sparkling

 A sweet, sparkling sake with bursting sweetness, bright fruit flavors and tangy bubbles.

 250ML     10.75

 Hakushika Plum

                   An aromatic blend of junmai sake, plum extract and hint of citrus.

      300ML      13.50


 Organic Gingo

           Momkawa organic sake are the first and only sake to carry the USDA seal.

      Fruit forward, lush, purely delightful.

    Small 8.50      Large 10.50    750ml  28.00

Karatamba Honjozo

    Dry, round and clean on the palate, blended with grain alcohol for a burst of flavor.

    Small 8.50     Large 10.50   300ml  15.50


 Hakutsuru Superior Junmai Ginjo

     Flowery and fragrant with a silky, well-balanced smoothness.

   300ML       13.50

Hakushika Yamadanishiki

   Refreshing, clean and dry taste with elegant flavor.

     300ML     14.25



Ozeki Nigori

An unfiltered “milky” sake with a crisp vibrant presence. Delicate and sweet flavors.

Small 7.50      Large 9.50    375ml  13.00

Hakushika Snow Beauty

  Pure sweet rice flavor, a mellow finish, unique cloudy appearance, unfiltered, nigori.

      300ML      14.50

Suehiro Junmai Sparkling Sake

          Light and fruity with a nice clean sparkling sake finish.

          300ML     14.95