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Lunch Kitchen Entrees

Served with miso soup or mushroom soup & white rice.

Substitute fried rice $2, substitute brown rice $3. Add a side salad for only $2.

Kitchen Entrées


Beef Negimaki  12.75 Mongolian Beef 14.25
Pan fried sliced steak rolled with fresh scallions, smothered in our teriyaki sauce and topped with sesame seeds. Tender beef sautéed with onions, carrots and scallions dressed with our own Mongolian sauce.


Amazing Chicken  13.25 Japanese Tuna Steak 14.25
Chicken gently fried in a delicate batter, tossed in a zesty sweet sauce.


Sushi-grade tuna seared in sake soy butter sauce, placed eloquently on a bed of mixed vegetables.


Grilled Salmon 14.25 Filet Mignon 14.75
Fresh grilled salmon placed over a bed of asparagus, drizzled with our house light lemon mirin sauce and accompanied with wholesome black rice. 6 oz. filet of beef in a special brandy mushroom sauce served with mixed vegetables.


Mango Entrées 13.25
Your choice of chicken or shrimp served over stir-fried vegetables and topped with a zesty mango sauce with sliced mango.



Lightly fried with a delicious tempura batter accompanied by a warm tempura-ginger sauce.

Your choice of: Vegetable 8.75 / Chicken 11.25 / Shrimp 12.50

Teriyaki Entrées

Served over caramelized onions in our teriyaki sauce, garnished with wasabi mashed potatoes.

Your choice of: Vegetable 8.75 / Chicken 11.75 / Salmon 14.25 / Duck 14.25 / Steak 14.25 / Shrimp 14.25 / Scallop 14.50

Hibachi Entrées

Served with fried rice and vegetables. Choice of mushroom soup or salad. $3 extra for noodles.

Vegetable 8.95 Scallop 13.75
Chicken 11.50 Filet Mignon 16.25
Sirloin Steak 12.75 Chilean Sea Bass 17.25
Shrimp 13.00   Swordfish 16.75
Salmon 13.00 Tuna Steak 16.95
Combine any two items to create your own meal 16.75

Sakura Noodle

Served with miso or mushroom soup. Add a side salad for only $2.

Pad Thai 10.50 Yaki Udon 10.75
Flat rice noodles pan fried with sauteed onions, scallions and bean sprouts, garnished with peanuts. Your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetable. Can be served regular or spicy. Thick udon noodles pan fried with shrimp, crab sticks, scallops, Japanese fish cake and seasonal vegetables.


Yaki Soba 9.50 Drunken Noodle 10.75
Your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, or vegetable with pan-fried buck wheat noodles, red onion, and mushrooms. Flat rice noodles pan fried tossed with a slightly salty yet refreshing sauce mixed with thinly sliced tomato, basil, bean sprouts and onion. Your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetable. Can be served regular or spicy.