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Create Your Own Roll

Create Your Own Roll

  1. The fundamentals of a Roll, choose a wrap to begin:

Seaweed or Soybean Wrap

White Rice or Brown Rice

(Soybean Wrap $1.50 Extra)

(Brown Rice $2.00 Extra)

2. To Create a true Japanese Roll, a delicious fish, beef or chicken is required.

Choose one:

Tuna Red Snapper Spicy Tuna Fluke
Octopus* Peppered Tuna Spicy Scallop Mackerel
White Tuna Spicy White Tuna Spicy Salmon Yellow Tail
Fresh Salmon Grilled Sirloin Steak* Spicy Yellow Tail Striped Bass
Grilled Chicken Breast* Spicy Crab Meat*

3. A second ingredient is typically a vegetable, but Sakura got creative.

Avocado Scallion Kiwi
Asparagus Jalapeno Mango
Cucumber Green Apple Spring Mix
Baby Carrot Cream Cheese Planters Peanuts
Grape Tomatoes Shredded Lettuce Toasted Shiitake Mushrooms

4. Nothing is complete without a garnish sauce.  Choose one of our homemade sauces for your designer roll:

Eel Sriracha Mango
Teriyaki Spicy Mayo Spicy Eel
Honey Miso Sweet & Spicy Citrus Wasabi Mayo
Jalapeno Mayo


* Indicates menu item is fully cooked