Sakura Garden Japanese Steak House
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Edamame 4.75 Rock “Ka” Belly 8.75
Steamed soybeans, served original with sea salt, or spicy style.
Spicy tuna wrapped in wonton skin, lightly fried and placed on a bed mashed avocado with sliced jalapenos, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.
Takoyaki 6.95 Mt Fuji Calamari 8.75
Deep fried minced octopus inside a cream ball filling, toppped with mayo, okonomi sauce, dried bonito, and powdered seaweed. Tender fresh squid and banana peppers tossed in a light breading, gently fried and served with sweet chili sauce.
Asian Street Fries 6.25 Chopped Chicken Wraps 9.75
A bed of thinly sliced sweet potato fries, served with our “street sauce” made of asian chutney and green onion- the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. Freshly chopped chicken with shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, green onion and celery mixed with a light special hoisin sauce blend, served with lettuce wraps and glass noodles.
Coconut Shrimp 7.25 Beef Spring Rolls 9.75
Five jumbo coconut-crusted shrimp served with rich coconut sauce. Soy, ginger, scallions and garlic-infused beef wrapped in thin spring roll paper, lightly fried and served with a sweet chili sauce.
Beef Negimaki 7.75 Blackened Scallops 10.75
Pan fried sliced steak rolled with fresh scallions, smothered in our teriyaki sauce and topped with sesame seeds.
Tender blackened scallops served with lobster cream sauce and black rice.
Scallops Wrapped In Bacon 8.25 Rock Shrimp Tempura 8.25
Two skewers of pan sauteed sea scallops wrapped in crispy bacon and garnished with our secret chili sauce. Deep fried shrimp with spicy aioli sauce.
Pork Buns 7.25 Tempura
Pork chashu, lettuce, scallions, spicy mayo and eel sauce inside a bun. Chicken or Shrimp:

Three pieces of chicken or shrimp accompanied by fresh seasonal vegetables, lightly fried in tempura batter and served by warm tempura-ginger sauce.
A mix of fresh vegetables lightly fried and accompanied by a warm tempura-ginger sauce.

Vegetable Tempura 6.50
Chicken Tempura 7.50

Shrimp Tempura  8.50